Mondaire was raised in Section 8 housing in Spring Valley by a single mom who struggled with mental illness and worked multiple jobs to provide for their family. Their family sometimes needed food stamps to get by, and when child care was too expensive, Mondaire’s grandmother took him to work with her cleaning homes in Hillcrest and Congers. Life wasn’t easy, but Mondaire’s mother always encouraged him to dream big despite their circumstances.

Mondaire graduated from East Ramapo public schools and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, work at the Department of Justice during the Obama Administration, and graduate from Harvard Law School. Mondaire worked as a litigator in the Westchester County Attorney’s Office, where he defended correctional officers and took guns away from dangerous people.

In 2020, Mondaire was elected to Congress to represent the Hudson Valley. His colleagues unanimously elected him the youngest member of House leadership, and he was named the most legislatively active freshman in Congress. 

Mondaire was part of the most productive Congress in modern history. He took on the pharmaceutical companies, lowering prescription drug prices for thousands of seniors on Medicare in the Lower Hudson Valley. He negotiated passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which is bringing tens of millions of dollars to rebuild our roads and bridges, and passed the American Rescue Plan Act, which kept our small businesses open and brought hundreds of millions of dollars to the Lower Hudson Valley for schools, housing, and health care.

Mondaire also earned a reputation as someone who stood up to the extremes in both parties to deliver results for the Lower Hudson Valley. During his time in Congress, Mondaire delivered record law enforcement funding to support our police officers and keep families safe, built a record as a staunch defender of Israel, and worked to block members of Congress from getting rich off the stock market.

Now Mondaire is running to return to Congress to finish the work he started to lower costs for Lower Hudson Valley residents, defend our democracy, raise wages, and stop Republicans from banning abortion.